Jewelry Care
& Materials

Your Unlabeled jewelry can last for years when properly maintained.

To ensure your gold-plated pieces continue to look their best, regularly follow these tips:

• Avoid wearing jewelry when in contact with substances such as salt, chlorine, and perspiration

• Minimize contact with chemicals and liquids in products such as shampoo, perfume, hairspray, etc.

• Store your pieces in dry, air-tight spaces – avoid exposure to heat and sun

• Regularly care for your jewelry by cleaning with a soft, moist cloth

• Ensure your Unlabeled  jewelry is the last piece you put on and the first piece you take off!

All our pieces are handcrafted with expertise.

Our charms are 24k gold-plated and resist tarnish when properly cared for.

The braided bracelet is made from nylon cord and is water resistant. However, we encourage you to keep your bracelets dry, to protect your charm and ensure your pieces continue to look as amazing as you!

The disc chain bracelet is made from stainless steel and coated with a layer of 24k gold.

Unlabeled is proud to say that all our pieces are nickel free!

At Unlabeled, we recommend customers to regularly polish their jewelry with a soft cloth after wearing.

To properly clean your pieces, we suggest using a soft, moist cloth and mild soap. After cleansing, make sure to pat dry (never rub!) your items to prevent tarnish.

Always avoid using detergents with harsh chemicals and minimize contact with liquids to ensure your Unlabeled items last as long as possible.

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