Why Unlabeled?

Labels play an important role in our daily lives and decide how we interact with one another. We are given labels from the minute we are born, however, Unlabeled believes they can cause diversion and isolation — especially when it comes to mental health. Labelling can result in stereotypes and assumptions, creating a negative stigma and alienating individuals and further generating a reluctance to seek help or finding treatment.

Instead, let’s be open-minded about our perceptions of others. Living in a complex web of labels prevents you from self-growth and reaching your full potential. So together, let us drop the labels.

stigma prevents 40% of people with anxiety or depression from seeking medical help.

(Addressing Stigma, 2018)


Unlabeled is a student-run company in Ontario, Canada, with the purpose of raising awareness on the topic of mental health and well-being. We specialize in quality pieces, handcrafted to complement all of our customers, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, race, and story. By making each individual bracelet with our caring hands, we ensure that each customer receives a handcrafted piece to represent their unique story. We love and appreciate all of our customers, and we cannot wait to have you apart of our growing journey!

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Unlabeled infuses the principles of the Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi into each of our products. Each bracelet is handcrafted with care and unique in their own way, just like our customers!


understated elegance


taking pleasure in the differences


Our bracelets feature a Kintsugi inspired gold plated charm. Kintsugi is known to be a delicate art form of Wabi Sabi where broken pottery pieces are reassembled with lacquer dusted or powdered gold, silver, or platinum.

Kintsugi is built on the idea that by embracing flaws and imperfections, you can create something more unique, strong, beautiful, and resilient. Unlabeled uses this concept to show that your differences are what make you more authentic and you are beautiful just the way you are

We hope our design inspires you to #dropthelabels

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